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Rizhou Plastic Mould Factory,Huangyan,Taizhou is a member of China Urban Water Association under the Minisstry of Construction,and the pioneer of plastic pipe fitting mould in Huangyan with 40 years experience in manufacturing plastic pipe mould.We have obtained ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Certificate.

Rizhou brand and Yuezhou brand pipe joints are patent protected and of the lates style.Rizhou pipe joints come with conical toothed internal thread compression type structure and Yuezhou brand come with conical toothed external thread compression type structure.It''''s elegan in appearance and excellent in air-tightness.Made of environmental-friendly plastic and copper,the pipe joints are UV and whether resistant,and work properly even under the tough condition of alternate use of cold and
hot water.Its pull-out force equal to that of 45# steel.Applicable for hot water pipe,fuel gas pipes,solar energy water pipes,air conditioners.air compressor pipes etc.It''''s also a soution and a substitute for copper joints of plastic-aluminum composite pipes(PE-X pipe)which fail to expand and contract due to varying of temperatue in synchronization.It''''s free of leakage.easy to install.resistant to corrosion,anti-ageing,non-toxic and harmelss.Fit for use fron 110 ¡æ to-40¡æ,Service life:over 30years,Executive standard:GB/T18997-2003 and GB/T8991-2003 Plastic Aluminum composite pressure pipe,requirements for thermoplastic pipes and fitings for cold/hot water system.Found in compliance with various standards as inspected by the State Chenical Construction Material Testing Cengter.

We are looking forward to serving both domestic and overseas customers and expectinhg pattnership with you to create the brilliant future of pipe industry,let¡¯s dream up the goodliness tomorrow.

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